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Orders - Special and General
Special Order 1 (.pdf, 113K)
Special Order 2 (.pdf, 114K)
General Order 1 (.pdf, 191K)
Special Order 3 (.pdf, 115K)
Special Order 4 (.pdf, 116K)
Special Order 5 (.pdf, 112K)
Special Order 6 (.docx, 14K)
General Order 3 (.docx, 14K)
Special Order #7 (.docx, 17K)
Corps Announcements
Van Schedule - Spring 2017 as of 20 MAR 2017 (.xlsx, 21K)
All passengers and drivers should follow this van schedule. Passengers: arrive SKY III early, be respectful to other passengers, assist the driver in refueling the van. Drivers: Due to our growing Corps, we have a high optempo for our vans. Please adhere to the vehicle standards in The Record, page 46, section 4-9.2, 4-9.3 and page 64, section G.
The Record and nULL Book
The Record AY 2016-17 (.pdf, 1726K)
All cadets are expected to know and live by the VWIL rules.
This Week's C&S (.docx, 13K)
Corps of Cadets AY2016-17
Cadre Photo Roster (.pdf, 671K)
NLT Sep 19th, nULLs should learn the names of our VWIL Regimental Cadre.
nULL Photo Roster - Spring 2017 (.pdf, 582K)
S1 Permits and Merits-Demerits Process (.docx, 14K)
2017: Dubois for merits/demerits, Algarin for permits;
2018: Ivy for merits/demerits; Algarin for permits;
2019: Dubois for merits/demerits; Algarin for permits;
2020: Warda for merits/demerits; Algarin for permits
nULL Book Quizzing Form (.doc, 26K)
Merit-Demerit Form (.doc, 25K)
Permit to be Absent (.doc, 32K)
Permit to be Out of Uniform (.doc, 31K)
Special Report Form (.doc, 37K)
Class Offense Form (.doc, 26K)
Confinement Log (.xls, 22K)
Door Card (.xls, 17K)
Vehicle Request (.doc, 34K)
Merit Exchange (.doc, 25K)
Request for Appeal (.doc, 31K)
Use the following form to appeal Penalty Tours or Confinement.Cadets should first go through their S-1 representative with a problem before filing for an appeal. Send appeal to S-1 leader who will then send it to VWIL staff.In the case of penalty tours or confinement, appeal must be submitted within 48 hours of notification from S-1. 
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