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Van Schedule
Version #7 of Van Schedule - MWF Changes (.xlsx, 27K)

Drive the speed limit! No excuses. Your safety is most important.  Speeding Tickets Cost you $hundreds, plus court fee, plus $hundreds for a safe-driving course.

Cadets and nULLs must ride with their assigned van.  Please inform your driver if you're unable to ride. 

Drivers will depart MBU and VMI on-time and only pickup from SKY III.

Drivers will pick-up and drop-off the keys at the start and end of their driving duty. 

Drivers will also inform CDT Davidson and the VWIL staff of maintenance concerns with the vehicles.

Drivers have a responsibility to maintain the utmost safety while driving.

The Record and nULL Book
The Record 2017-2018 (.docx, 4311K)

All cadets and nULLs are expected to know and live by the VWIL rules.

nULL Book 2021 (Fall 2017) (.pdf, 694K)

This book contains relevant history and current information of Mary Baldwin and VWIL. All nULLs are expected to carry their nULL Book with them at all times. At every free moment, you should study the information in the nULL Book. You should be able to respond to questions from the upperclass cadets based on information in the nULL Book.

Command & Staff Notes for Week of 3-26 to 3-30 (.docx, 13K)

Uniform Sequence:
Monday: Summer Class Bs

Tuesday: Business Attire
Wednesday:  Civilians
Thursday: ACUs
Friday: Summer Class Bs

Corps of Cadets AY2017-18
nULL Class Photo Page (.pdf, 225K)
Upperclass Photo Roster (.docx, 1735K)
Annual Goals (.docx, 15K)

Platoons and Staffs met in May 2017 to set goals for the academic year.

Spring 2018 Regimental Roster (.docx, 13K)
Regimental Goals for 2018-19 (.docx, 17K)
Spring 2018 Regiment Accountability (.docx, 27K)

Use this form for Monday Morning Formation, Drill, and Ceremonies.

Spring 2018 - Citizen Leader & ROTC Rosters (.docx, 27K)

Use this accountability roster for PT and Control Time.

Monday PT Accountability Roster (.pdf, 348K)

Use this for Monday PT session 1600-1700

Tuesday PT Accountability Form (.pdf, 349K)

Use this form for Tuesday morning PT session at 0630-0730.

Thursday PT Accountability 1630-1730 (.pdf, 349K)

Use this form for Thursdays PT accountability.

Friday PT Accountability Form (.pdf, 349K)

Use this form during Friday afternoon PT session at 1500-1600.

nULL Book Quizzing Form (.doc, 26K)
Merit-Demerit Form (.doc, 25K)
Permit to be Absent (.doc, 32K)
Permit to be Out of Uniform (.doc, 31K)
Special Report Form (.doc, 37K)
Class Offense Form (.doc, 26K)
Confinement Log (.xls, 22K)
Door Card (.xls, 17K)
Vehicle Request (.doc, 34K)
Merit Exchange (.doc, 25K)
Request for Appeal (.doc, 31K)
Use the following form to appeal Penalty Tours or Confinement.Cadets should first go through their S-1 representative with a problem before filing for an appeal. Send appeal to S-1 leader who will then send it to VWIL staff.In the case of penalty tours or confinement, appeal must be submitted within 48 hours of notification from S-1. 
Spirit Mission Request (.doc, 25K)
Leadership Seminar
Minor and VWIL Advanced Certificate (.xls, 40K)

Use the attached file to track your progress to complete the Leadership Studies Minor and Advanced Leadership Certificate.

Leadership Minor Requirements (.docx, 38K)

Dr Roderic Owen is the Faculty Advisor for the Leadership Studies Minor.  This 2-page file explain the overall 21-credit requirements and the three emphasis.  Most important, you should declare your intent to complete the leadership minor in your freshman or sophomore year.


Use this guide (4-year plan) to ensure you meet the requirements for the Leadership Studies Minor.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

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