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Please order your books for coursework early!!  Please continue to check back if the book order site is not open or your course information is not stated.  Thanks!
Student teaching request forms are due as follows:
Spring placements: by August 15th
Fall placements: by March 1st
The online placement request form is available on the myMBC College of Education tab.
Practicum placement request forms are dues as follows:
Spring placements: by December 1st
May Term placements (RCW only): by March 1st
Fall placements: by August 1st
The online placement request f...
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Undergraduate Course Offerings
Spring 2017 COL on-campus courses (.pdf, 490K)
Fall 2016 COL on-campus courses (.pdf, 444K)
Graduate Education Course Offerings
Note that you can now link to course syllabi from the course offerings lists by simply clicking the link in the column labeled "Syllabus." If there is not a syllabus posted yet for the course, you will get a "HTTP Error 404.0 - Not Found" error message when you click on the "Syllabus" link. If a syllabus is not available yet, keep checking back. Syllabi are added regularly upon receipt from the professor/instructor.
Graduate Spring 2017 Course Schedule (.pdf, 244K)
Graduate Summer 2017 Course Offerings (.pdf, 204K)
Graduate Fall 2017 Course Offerings (.pdf, 138K)
UG O&A PBTL Education Course Offerings
UG_O&A_PBTL_Education_Spring_2017 Course Offerings (.pdf, 546K)
UG_O&A_PBTL_Education_Summer_2017 Course Offerings (.pdf, 158K)
UG_O&A_PBTL_Education_Fall_2017 Course Offerings (.pdf, 205K)
Baldwin Online and Adult Course Offerings
Current Baldwin Online and Adult Course Offerings (.pdf, 454K)
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Education Program Forms
Undergraduate Teacher Education Program Application (.pdf, 85K)
BA/MAT Program Application (.doc, 81K)
BA/MEd Program Application (.docx, 39K)
Applicant Recommendation (.pdf, 41K)
Praxis Math Remedy (.doc, 52K)
Graduate Course Substitution (.pdf, 530K)
MAT Technology Standards (.docx, 934K)
Undergraduate Major Information
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major - Elem Ed (.pdf, 112K)
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major - SPED (.pdf, 131K)
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major - BA/MAT Elem Ed Option (.docx, 34K)
Liberal Arts & Ed Studies Major - BA/MAT SPED Option (.docx, 35K)
Mathematics Major - Math Education Emphasis (.doc, 29K)
Undergraduate and PBTL Education Program Checklists
Elementary Education PK-6 (.xlsx, 936K)
Middle Education (.xlsx, 939K)
Secondary Education - Sciences (.xlsx, 939K)
Secondary Education (.xlsx, 939K)
Special Education K-12 (.xlsx, 935K)
Foreign Language PK-12 (.xlsx, 938K)
Music (Vocal/Choral) PK-12 (.xlsx, 938K)
Theatre Arts PK-12 (.xlsx, 938K)
Visual Arts PK-12 (.xlsx, 938K)
Add-on ESL (.xlsx, 20K)
Add-on Mathematics - Algebra I (.xlsx, 20K)
BA/MAT Program Requirements Checklists
BA/MAT Elementary Education PK-6 (.xlsx, 26K)
BA/MAT Middle Education 6-8 (.xlsx, 38K)
BA/MAT Secondary Education 6-12 (.xlsx, 43K)
BA/MAT Special Education K-12 (.xlsx, 25K)
BA/MEd Program Requirements Checklists
BA/MEd Adult Higher Ed (.xlsx, 22K)
BA/MEd Applied Behavior Analysis (.xlsx, 18K)
BA/MEd Autism Spectrum Disorders (.xlsx, 23K)
BA/MEd Environment-Based Learning (.xlsx, 22K)
Graduate Education Program Requirements Checklists
MAT Elementary Education (.doc, 80K)
MAT Middle School (.doc, 80K)
MAT Secondary Education (.doc, 118K)
MAT Special Education (.doc, 80K)
MEd Higher Education (.doc, 37K)
MEd Leadership-EBL-Special Ed-Gifted Ed (.doc, 47K)
MEd Applied Behavior Analysis (.doc, 36K)
MEd Autism Spectrum Disorders (.doc, 39K)
MEd Elementary Education (.doc, 70K)
MEd English as a Second Language (.doc, 36K)
MEd Reading Education (.doc, 38K)
Certificate: Autism Spectrum Disorder (.doc, 954K)
Certificate: Environment Based Learning (.doc, 38K)
Coursework: Applied Behavior Analysis (.doc, 956K)
Add-on Gifted Ed (.doc, 34K)
Add-on Special Ed. (.docx, 18K)
Certificate Options - Checklists
Comprehensive Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorders (.doc, 954K)
Professional Certificate in Environment-Based Learning (EBL) (.doc, 38K)
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