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Graduation Application '22-'23

The application to graduate has opened! Complete an application here.

The deadlines for application are:

December 2022 Graduation    DUE September 2, 2022

May 2023 Graduation              DUE January 5, 2023


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Fall 2022 Syllabi

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Summer 2022 Syllabi

Please click here for the COE Summer 2022 Syllabi.


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Annual Reporting Measures

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Assessment Requirements

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Graduate Students

Teacher Licensure Information

Teacher Licensure Modules

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Choose either the MBU SPED mini course OR the two VDOE modules under Bookmarks; required for all endorsements.


Study Resources

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Spring 2023 and May Term Course Offerings List (all courses)

Fall 2022 Course Offerings List

Summer 2022 Course Offerings List (all courses)

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